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Jon Duris


Chiropractic works because you are a self-healing, self-regulating organism controlled by your nervous system. Millions of instructions flow from your brain, down the spinal cord, and out to every organ and tissue. Signals sent back to the brain confirm whether or not your body is working right. Improper motion or position of the moving bones of the spine can interfere with this vital exchange by irritating nerves and compromising the function of affected organs and tissues. This clinical entity is termed the "vertebral subluxation complex," or simply, "subluxation." Specific spinal adjustments delivered to reduce or correct subluxations can help improve mind-body communication. Health often returns with improved nervous system control of the body.

Your body changes constantly, either getting a little stronger, or a little weaker, moving more toward health, or more toward sickness. If you want to keep getting stronger and moving in the direction of health, all of the parts of your body have to be functioning optimally. In order for that to happen, all of the parts of your body have to be able to communicate properly with your brain through your nerves. And in order for THAT to happen, your spine has to be functioning properly, because of how intricately connected the spine and nervous system are. That's why chiropractic is so beneficial. By keeping your spine functioning optimally, your brain and body stay optimally connected. This gives you the best chance at getting stronger and healthier every day, regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms at any given moment. More information on chiropractic can be found on the Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin website.

Dr. Jon Duris

As a child, Dr. Jon had a life-changing experience through chiropractic care that showed him the value of a properly functioning nervous system. At age 14, he was diagnosed with kidney disease. Jon was told that his condition would progressively worsen and that he would likely need dialysis and a kidney transplant. Through receiving regular chiropractic care, he now has no signs of kidney disease and no need for medication. After pursuing an undergraduate degree in Art History at UW – Milwaukee, Dr. Jon completed his Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree at the prestigious Life University College of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia. He places great importance on continuing education, allowing him to evolve as a health care provider. He has completed 180 hours of post graduate training in pregnancy and pediatric care though the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. In addition, Dr. Jon has completed a certification in nutritional counseling through the Wisconsin State Board of Chiropractic. Dr. Jon enjoys sharing his story and empowering others to live healthier lives through chiropractic care.

In his free time, Dr. Jon enjoys spending time with his family and friends, backpacking, camping, music, record collecting, and volunteering in the community. He and his wife, Amy, are proud parents to their daughter, Emery, and son, Albie.

Dr. Jon is excited to be in Milwaukee serving the Bay View community.





Inspired by the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA), I offer convenient, quality chiropractic care at an affordable price. If x-ray studies are necessary, I will refer you out to a local facility for imaging. 

I offer:
• Specific spinal and extremity adjustments
• Family care
• Pregnancy care
• Pediatric care
• Nutritional counseling
Massage therapy 

For more information about chiropractic care as it pertains to pregnancy and children, please visit the ICPA's page.





Fan Mail

Aside from my physical improvement, I have found I have a more positive outlook on my health. The idea of improving my health outside of what I considered 'normal healthcare' is exciting to me. I have been improving physically, but the greatest improvement, once again, is a mental energy. –Mike

The biggest change for me was sinus related problems. They cleared up after a few adjustments. I was amazed and very, very happy. –Joanne

I have a better outlook and a greater sense of well-being. –Sara

I finally feel like I am improving on a daily basis, rather than giving into the idea that as I get older, my body is going to get more sluggish and creaky. My bones haven't felt this good in years. –Matt

I sleep SO much better after my adjustments!!! No more waking up in the middle of the night to neck pain, or with numb arms/hands. YAY! Thanks Dr. Jon and CCC—I'm a believer. –Rita

Since beginning care 16 days ago, the greatest benefit for me is that I have more hope. I have greater ease of movement and the ability to relax, as well as extended energy throughout the day. –Kara

I am experiencing great sleep, and fewer allergic reactions to the changes in the air. –Melissa

I've had frequent colds ever since my children entered grade school, and it didn't stop when they left home, but that changed when I tried chiropractic care. Throughout the last few years, I have gradually decreased the number of colds, and what seemed like permanent winter chest congestion is gone. –Penny



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